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Magnificent Sea View from an Island cliff when buying land in Lombok

Buying Land in Lombok? Here’s how to Make it Official.

So, you've found your piece of paradise, and you're ready to buy land in Lombok to make it officially yours. But before you start building your dream home or investing in this tropical paradise, you must understand the ins and outs of buying land, title transfers, and all the essential documentation. Don't worry! We're here to break it down for you in the simplest and friendliest way...

Local Lombok Dish for the Best Kuta Lombok Restaurants list

7 best Kuta Lombok restaurants

Table of ContentsOur Best Kuta Lombok restaurants list1. Milk Espresso - Kuta Lombok2. KNALPOT3. Mama Pizza4. Munchies5. Gecko Kuta Lombok6. El Bazar Cafe & Restaurant7. SeaSaltSpecial Mention to Local Food Why did we decide to do a list of the best Kuta Lombok restaurants? Simply because, at Explora Lombok, WE LOVE FOOD! Kuta Lombok is transforming into a paradise for food lovers....

Water Buffalo on Selong Belanak Beach

Selong Belanak Beach – Best Guide for first-timers

Getting to Selong Belanak BeachExploring Lombok What to Expect at Selong Belanak BeachLearning to Surf and MoreWhere to StayIs Selong Belanak Worth Visiting?FAQ about Selong Belanak BeachWhy is Selong Belanak Beach ideal for beginner surfers?Can you find beachfront accommodations at Selong Belanak?What are some must-try local dishes at Selong Belanak Beach?How do visitors reach Selong Belanak Beach from...

Lombok island waterfalls - lush green and water flowing - - things to do in lombok

5 Fascinating Facts You Should Know about Lombok Island

1. The Mystery Behind Lombok Island's Name2. The Rich Culture of the Sasak People3. Lombok and Bali: Divided by Nature's Boundary4. The Allure of Pink Sand Beaches5. The Majestic Mount RinjaniConclusion Lombok, often overshadowed by its more famous sibling Bali, is an island full of surprises, rich culture, breathtaking natural beauty, and unique traditions. Here are five interesting facts about Lombok...

Beautiful pool in a Villa in Lombok

5 Expert Tips to Build Your Dream Villa in Lombok

1. Plan for Infrastructure Costs2. Choose Your Contractor Wisely3. Stay Engaged with Your Villa in Lombok Project4. Secure a Detailed Quote and Contract Terms5. Collaborate with a Reputable Lombok ArchitectConclusionNeed Help with Your Villa in Lombok Project? Dreaming of building your villa in Lombok? This beautiful Indonesian island offers the perfect blend of natural beauty, serene landscapes, and...

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Is Lombok Pink Beach worth visiting?

The Unique Pink Sand of Tangsi Beach4 Things to Do at Lombok Pink Beach1. Swim, Snorkel, and Relax2. Snorkeling at Nearby Islands3. Kayaking4. RelaxingHow to Get to Lombok Pink Beach5 Tips for Visiting Pink Beach LombokIn conclusion Are you looking for a destination that combines breathtaking natural beauty with a touch of unique charm? Look no further than Pink Beach. Located on the island of Lombok...

Villa in Kuta Lombok - Lombok real estate agency

Which is better Kuta Bali or Kuta Lombok?

Location and Accessibility - Kuta LombokBeachesTourism DevelopmentCultural ImmersionOutdoor Adventure When it comes to planning a trip to Indonesia, the island of Bali is often the first destination that comes to mind. With its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage, Bali has established itself as a renowned tourist hotspot. However, just a short flight away lies another hidden...

Mount rinjani - - things to do in lombok

Top 10 Things To Do in Lombok

Getting to LombokAccommodations in LombokTop Attractions in Lombok:1. The Gili Islands2. Mount Rinjani3. Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfalls4. Lombok Cultural Experiences5. Try a Surf Lesson in Selong Belanak6. Visit Kuta Lombok7. Pink Beach Lombok8. Tanjung Aan Beach9. Mawun Beach10. Mawi BeachTo conclude this 10 things to do in Lombok list: Lombok, often overshadowed by its famous neighbor Bali, is...

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