7 best Kuta Lombok restaurants

Local Lombok Dish for the Best Kuta Lombok Restaurants list

Why did we decide to do a list of the best Kuta Lombok restaurants?

Simply because, at Explora Lombok, WE LOVE FOOD!

Kuta Lombok is transforming into a paradise for food lovers. While traditional dishes like nasi goreng remain staples, the region has welcomed an exciting array of new restaurants and bars, each offering diverse culinary delights.

Choosing a favorite is tough, but here are the spots we repeatedly return to.

Our Best Kuta Lombok restaurants list

1. Milk Espresso – Kuta Lombok

An Australian Cafe Experience
Our go-to for the best coffee in town, Milk Espresso offers a laid-back atmosphere with Aussie-style hospitality, perfect for breakfast and lunch.

This Kuta restaurant is a hidden gem. Lots of seating is available, and it has one of the best menus we’ve seen during our stay in Kuta. They have food options for any time of the day, whether breakfast, brunch & lunch. All at great prices.


Delicious Cocktails and Food
KNALPOT stands out with its impressive selection of cocktails and a menu that showcases local flavors, open from morning till late.

Why do we think it’s one of Kuta Lombok’s restaurants with the best food?

While on the more expensive side, it was some of the most delicious food we’ve ever eaten in Lombok – Their plates and drinks were exquisite and kept us coming back for more!

3. Mama Pizza

Unmatched Sourdough Pizzas
Specializing in sourdough pizzas baked in a traditional brick oven, Mama Pizza is often mentioned as Kuta Lombok’s top pizza spot following its success on Gili Air.

This Kuta restaurant is one of our personal favorites. It has great food and atmosphere. It’s also perfect to break up from the local food options. They quickly get busy, so head in early or reserve a table.

4. Munchies

A Cafe for the Digital Nomad
The newest cafe in Kuta, Munchies, is known for its vibrant interior, healthy salads, sandwiches, and exceptional coffee and cakes, attracting a crowd of digital nomads.

This is one of the best locations in Kuta for coffee and brunch. The staff is friendly, and the coffee is delicious. They have many breakfast/lunch options. Try the Shakshuka – you’ll LOVE it!

5. Gecko Kuta Lombok

A Family-Friendly spot
With a spacious setup and a kids’ play area, Gecko is ideal for families, offering a welcoming atmosphere and popular theme nights like 2-for-1 pasta on pasta nights (2 pasta plates for 90k!). The atmosphere is great, and events like pasta nights and live music are always on.

6. El Bazar Cafe & Restaurant

Mediterranean Magic
Featuring a contemporary salon and open kitchen, El Bazar focuses on Mediterranean-style shared dining with a heavy emphasis on wine.

Beyond the delicious food, what sets El Bazar apart is the hospitality. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure an exceptional dining experience. They are attentive, knowledgeable about the menu, and eager to make our visit special.

7. SeaSalt

The Freshest Seafood in Town
Specializing in fresh, locally sourced seafood, SeaSalt is known for its daily specials and a wide range of salads and sides.

Special Mention to Local Food

While exploring Kuta Lombok restaurants, you might not find an IG account for every culinary gem, but that doesn’t mean they’re not worth the visit. Look for the delicious roadside treats that define Indonesian cuisines, such as savory satay, hearty bakso soup, the iconic nasi padang, and the spicy delight of ayam taliwang. The local fruit selection also features jackfruit, durian, dragonfruit, and mango.

Several ‘warungs’ (small, local eateries) come highly recommended for those eager to dive into the authentic local dining scene.

These local spots are the heart of Lombok’s food scene, offering an intimate glimpse into the island’s culinary culture. Whether you’re craving a quick snack or a full meal, these warungs and roadside stalls promise an authentic taste of Lombok that’s as rich in flavor as it is in tradition.

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