How can foreigners protect their land investment in Lombok?

land investment in Lombok

Foreign investors interested in Lombok’s real estate market can take several strategic steps to protect their land investments. Given Indonesia’s regulatory landscape and market dynamics, understanding and navigating legal, financial, and operational risks is crucial.

Here are essential measures to consider for safeguarding your land investment in Lombok:

1. Understand Local Regulations

  • Ownership Restrictions: Familiarize yourself with Indonesia’s property ownership laws, which restrict direct foreign ownership of land but allow for alternative structures like leasehold (Hak Sewa) and right to use (Hak Pakai).
  • Legal Framework: Ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework governing foreign investment and real estate transactions in Indonesia, including any restrictions on the use, development, and transfer of property rights.

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2. Conduct Thorough Due Diligence

  • Title Verification: Confirm the land title’s authenticity and check for any disputes or encumbrances that could affect ownership or use rights.
  • Land Use and Zoning Regulations: Investigate local land use and zoning regulations to ensure the land can be developed for your intended purpose.
  • Environmental Assessments: Conduct environmental impact assessments to identify potential issues that may restrict development or increase costs.

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3. Secure Professional Advice

  • Legal Counsel: Engage a reputable legal advisor with experience in Indonesian real estate law to guide you through the transaction and ensure compliance with all legal requirements.
  • Real Estate Experts: Work with experienced real estate agents or brokers in Lombok who have a proven track record and understand the needs and challenges faced by foreign investors.
  • Financial and Tax Advisory: Consult with financial and tax advisors to understand the implications of your investment in terms of taxation, repatriation of profits, and currency exchange.
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4. Use Clear and Formal Agreements

  • Contracts and Agreements: Ensure all agreements, including lease agreements, purchase contracts, and joint venture agreements, are clear, legally binding, and reflect all parties’ rights and responsibilities. Documents should be in Indonesian and your native language, where possible, to ensure clarity.
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms: Include dispute resolution mechanisms within agreements to address potential conflicts, specifying arbitration or legal jurisdiction that favors fair and transparent proceedings.

5. Establish Local Partnerships

  • Build Relationships: Cultivate strong relationships with local partners, communities, and stakeholders, as they can offer invaluable support, insights, and guidance throughout the investment process.
  • Community Engagement: Actively engage with the local community to understand their concerns and perspectives, ensuring your investment contributes positively to the local area and gains community support.
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6. Plan for Long-Term Management

  • Management and Maintenance: Develop a comprehensive plan for the ongoing management, maintenance, and security of the property, considering using reputable local property management firms if necessary.
  • Exit Strategy: Consider your long-term strategy, including potential exit strategies or succession plans, to ensure the investment remains secure and profitable.

7. Insurance for land investment in Lombok

  • Risk Mitigation: Explore insurance options to protect against natural disasters, political risks, or other unforeseen events that could impact your investment.

By taking these steps, foreign investors can significantly mitigate the risks of buying and owning land in Lombok. Protecting your investment requires a proactive approach, focusing on legal compliance, thorough due diligence, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of the local market and regulatory environment.


Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM): The BKPM offers comprehensive information on investment policies, regulations, procedures, and opportunities in Indonesia. It’s an essential resource for foreign investors looking to understand the investment climate and legal requirements.

Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency: For real estate investments, this agency provides crucial information on land ownership, registration, and land-related regulations in Indonesia. It’s valuable for understanding the legal aspects of land transactions.

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