Will Starlink Boost Property Value in Lombok & Bali?

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Lombok and Bali, Indonesia, are renowned for their stunning beaches and vibrant culture and are prime destinations for tourists and expatriates. As remote work becomes more prevalent, reliable high-speed internet has become a crucial factor in property value. Enter Starlink, Elon Musk’s satellite internet service, which promises to revolutionize internet connectivity in these regions. This blog explores how Starlink can significantly boost property values in Lombok and Bali.

It’s a satellite internet constellation project by SpaceX aimed at providing high-speed, low-latency internet to underserved and remote areas around the globe. With thousands of small satellites orbiting the Earth, Starlink delivers faster internet speeds than traditional satellite internet services.

Reliable High-Speed Internet

One of the most significant benefits of Starlink is the provision of reliable high-speed internet, which is often lacking in remote and rural areas of Lombok and Bali. Properties equipped with Starlink will attract remote workers, digital nomads, and tech-savvy tourists who require constant, fast internet access.

  • Speed: Starlink offers speeds up to 150 Mbps, a significant improvement over current internet options in many parts of Lombok and Bali.
  • Latency: With a latency of around 20-40 milliseconds, Starlink provides a seamless online experience suitable for video conferencing, streaming, and online gaming.

Increased Attractiveness for Remote Work

Remote work is becoming more popular, with many professionals seeking destinations where they can balance work and leisure. Lombok and Bali are ideal locations with their beautiful scenery and warm climate. Properties in these areas equipped with Starlink will be highly attractive to remote workers. Reliable, high-speed internet allows professionals to work efficiently, participate in video calls without interruptions, and access cloud-based resources smoothly. This increased demand from remote workers can drive up property values and rental prices, making it a lucrative investment for property owners.

Enhanced Tourism Experience

For tourists, especially those from countries with high internet standards, having reliable internet can significantly enhance their travel experience. Properties offering Starlink internet will be more appealing to tourists looking for accommodations to stay connected with family, work, and social media. Tourists can easily share their experiences on social media, keep in touch with loved ones, and access online entertainment during their stay. This enhanced experience makes properties with Starlink more desirable, potentially leading to higher occupancy rates and increased revenue for property owners.

Competitive Advantage

Real estate markets in popular destinations like Bali and Lombok are competitive. Properties equipped with Starlink will stand out, offering a unique selling point that can justify higher rental rates and sales prices. High-speed internet is becoming a non-negotiable feature for many buyers and renters. Properties with Starlink will attract a broader range of clients, including remote workers, tech-savvy tourists, and international buyers. This competitive edge can lead to quicker sales and higher property values.

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Economic Impact

Local Businesses

Local businesses, including cafes, restaurants, and coworking spaces, will benefit from the influx of remote workers and tourists seeking reliable internet. This increased foot traffic can lead to economic growth in these areas. For instance, cafes and coworking spaces offering Starlink can attract more patrons, boosting their revenues. Additionally, local shops and service providers can see a rise in demand from the growing number of internet-reliant visitors and residents.

Real Estate Market Growth

As demand for properties with high-speed internet grows, the overall real estate market in Lombok and Bali is likely to see a positive impact. Higher property values benefit owners, real estate developers, and the local economy. Reliable high-speed internet can stimulate new real estate projects and renovations, further enhancing the market’s appeal. Investors may find these regions more attractive, leading to increased investment and development.

Practical Considerations

Installation and Costs

Installing Starlink involves purchasing a satellite dish and modem, which currently costs around $499, with a monthly subscription fee of $99. While this may be a significant upfront cost, the potential increase in property value and rental income can offset these expenses. Property owners should factor in these costs when considering Starlink installation but also recognize the long-term financial benefits.

Availability and Coverage

Starlink is gradually expanding its coverage, with full global service expected soon. Property owners should stay informed about Starlink’s availability in their locations in Lombok and Bali. Checking the Starlink website regularly for updates can ensure that property owners are ready to install as soon as service becomes available in their area.

Reliability in Tropical Climates

While Starlink is designed to work in various weather conditions, property owners in tropical climates like Lombok and Bali should consider potential disruptions during heavy rain or storms. Regular maintenance and proper installation can mitigate some of these issues. Ensuring the satellite dish is securely installed and free from obstructions can help maintain a stable connection even during adverse weather conditions.


Starlink has the potential to significantly boost property values in Lombok and Bali by providing reliable high-speed internet. This connectivity attracts remote workers, enhances the tourist experience, and gives properties a competitive edge in the real estate market. As Starlink continues to expand its coverage, property owners in these beautiful islands stand to benefit greatly from this technological advancement.

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