Cost of building a villa in Lombok Vs. Bali – A Comparison

Building a Villa in Lombok

Are you considering building your own villa in Indonesia? Lombok and Bali are popular destinations offering stunning landscapes and picturesque settings.

In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects that influence the cost of building a villa in Lombok, provide tangible numbers, and compare these costs with building a villa in Bali.

By understanding the significant cost factors and comparing these two islands, you can make an informed decision on your villa project.

1. Location and Land Cost Lombok vs Bali

The cost of land in Lombok varies depending on the location. For beachfront or ocean-view land, prices can range from IDR 500 million ($34,000) to over IDR 5 billion ($340,000) per are (100 square meters). Inland or less developed areas may offer more affordable options, with prices typically starting from IDR 150 million ($10,200) per are.

Land prices in Lombok tend to be more affordable than in Bali. In Bali, beachfront or ocean-view land in popular areas like Seminyak or Canggu can range from IDR 2 billion ($136,000) to over IDR 10 billion ($680,000) per are. In less developed regions of Bali, land prices can start from IDR 500 million ($34,000) per are.

Sea View land for Sale Lombok - torok hills

2. Size and Design of a Villa in Lombok vs Bali

The size and design of your villa significantly impact the construction cost. On average, the construction cost per square meter in Lombok can range from IDR 6 million ($410) to IDR 10 million ($680), depending on the complexity of the design and materials used. A modest-sized villa with a simple design and standard finishes may cost around IDR 1.5 billion ($102,000) to IDR 3 billion ($204,000).

Compared to Bali, the construction cost per square meter can range from IDR 10 million ($680) to IDR 20 million ($1,360). The average cost to build a villa in Bali is approximately IDR 3 billion ($204,000) to IDR 7 billion ($476,000), considering a similar size and level of finishes.

3. Labor Costs in Lombok vs Bali

Labor costs play a significant role in determining the overall construction expenses. In Lombok, skilled labor costs are generally more affordable than in Bali. The average daily wage for skilled workers is approximately IDR 150,000 ($10). However, costs may vary depending on the complexity of the construction process and the specific skill set required.

In contrast, skilled labor costs in Bali are relatively higher compared to Lombok, with an average daily wage of IDR 250,000 to IDR 350,000 ($17 to $24). The higher demand in Bali contributes to these wage differences.

Construction workers in Lombok

4. Permits and Regulations for Building a Villa in Lombok vs Bali

The costs associated with permits and regulations are also essential to consider. Architectural and engineering fees, building permits, and inspections in Lombok can range from IDR 50 million ($3,400) to IDR 150 million ($10,200), depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Similarly, in Bali, architectural and engineering fees, building permits, and inspections can range from IDR 100 million ($6,800) to IDR 200 million ($13,600) for a villa project of similar scale.

Due Diligence steps and documents in Lombok

Comparison between Bali and Lombok

While Bali offers a more developed tourism infrastructure, Lombok provides more affordable land and construction costs. Lombok’s less crowded and more serene environment may appeal to those seeking a quieter retreat. However, Bali’s established tourism market attracts more visitors while offering more top-end facilities and opportunities. Ultimately, the choice between Bali and Lombok comes from personal preferences, budget, and investment goals.

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When considering building a villa in Lombok or Bali, it’s essential to consider the location and land costs, size and design, labor expenses, and permit requirements. By understanding the tangible construction costs and comparing the two islands, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your vision and budget for your dream villa project.

If you need assistance with your villa project or more information on building costs in Lombok and Bali, our team of experts is ready to help. Contact us today to explore your options and embark on your villa construction journey in the beautiful Indonesian archipelago.

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