6 Family-Friendly Activities to Do in Lombok

family friendly activity to do in Lombok

Lombok, Indonesia, is a fantastic destination for families to explore beautiful landscapes, engage in cultural experiences, and enjoy outdoor adventures. With its diverse range of activities, Lombok offers something for everyone in the family. This guide provides detailed insights into the best family-friendly activities to do in Lombok, ensuring a fun and memorable vacation for all.

1. Enjoy the Beaches

Senggigi Beach

Overview: Senggigi Beach is one of Lombok’s most popular beaches, known for its calm waters and stunning sunsets. The beach is family-friendly, with plenty of space for children to play and shallow waters safe for swimming.

Activities: Families can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, and building sandcastles. The area also has several beachfront restaurants and cafes offering a variety of meals suitable for children.

View on Senggigi Beach

Kuta Beach

Overview: Kuta Beach in South Lombok is famous for its white sand and turquoise waters. It is perfect for families to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty.

Activities: Swimming, sunbathing, and beachcombing are popular activities. Nearby, surf schools offer beginner lessons, making it a great spot for families to try surfing.

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Selong Belanak Beach

Overview: Selong Belanak Beach is a beautiful crescent-shaped beach with gentle waves, making it ideal for families with young children.

Activities: Swimming, paddleboarding, and surfing are popular here. Local vendors offer snacks and drinks, providing convenient options for families.

2. Explore Waterfalls

Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

Overview: Located in the north of Lombok near Mount Rinjani, these twin waterfalls are a must-visit. The hike to the waterfalls is manageable for families, with well-marked paths and scenic views.

Activities: Enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pools, take photos, and explore the lush surroundings. The hike is an adventure, offering families an opportunity to bond.

Lombok island waterfalls - lush green and water flowing - - things to do in lombok

Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

Overview: Situated in Central Lombok, these waterfalls are less crowded and offer a serene environment. The short trek to the falls is suitable for families with children.

Activities: Swimming in the cool waters, picnicking, and exploring the nearby jungle are popular. These waterfalls provide a peaceful escape from the busier tourist spots.

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3. Visit Cultural Sites

Pura Lingsar

Overview: Pura Lingsar is a unique temple complex that is sacred to both Hindus and Muslims. It’s an excellent place for families to learn about Lombok’s rich cultural heritage.

Activities: Guided tours provide insights into the temple’s history and significance. Families can also participate in cultural ceremonies and rituals held at the temple.


Sasak Village

Overview: Visiting a traditional Sasak village offers a glimpse into the local way of life. These villages are home to the indigenous Sasak people and showcase their traditional houses, crafts, and customs.

Activities: Families can tour the village, watch traditional weaving demonstrations, and purchase handmade crafts. Engaging with the locals and learning about their culture is a rewarding experience for both adults and children.

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4. Adventure Parks and Activities

Lombok Wildlife Park

Overview: Lombok Wildlife Park is an interactive zoo offering educational experiences. It’s a great place for families to learn about various animal species and conservation efforts.

Activities: The park offers animal feeding sessions, guided tours, and interactive exhibits. It also offers hands-on activities like petting zoos and bird shows, making it fun and educational for children.

5. Outdoor Adventures

Mount Rinjani Trekking

Mount rinjani - - things to do in lombok

Overview: For adventurous families, trekking Mount Rinjani is an unforgettable experience. While the full trek to the summit may be challenging for young children, shorter treks to the crater rim or nearby waterfalls are more suitable.

Activities: Hiking, camping, and exploring the volcanic landscape. The stunning views and sense of achievement make it a rewarding adventure for families with older children.

Gili Islands Snorkeling and Diving

Overview: The Gili Islands, located off the northwest coast of Lombok, are renowned for their clear waters and vibrant marine life. They are easily accessible by boat from Lombok.

Turtle point gili meno - sea turtle

Activities: Snorkeling, diving, and boat trips around the islands. Family-friendly snorkelling spots offer shallow waters and abundant colourful fish and coral.

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6. Relaxing and Wellness

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

Overview: Lombok offers various yoga and wellness retreats that cater to families. These retreats provide a relaxing environment where families can unwind and rejuvenate.

Activities: Yoga classes, meditation sessions, and wellness workshops. Many retreats offer family-friendly programs, ensuring that adults and children can participate and benefit.

Spas and Massages

Overview: A family spa day can be a delightfully relaxing experience. Lombok has numerous spas offering treatments for both adults and children.

Activities: Massages, facials, and other spa treatments. Many spas offer packages that cater to families, ensuring a relaxing experience for everyone.

Summary of Family-Friendly Activities To Do in Lombok

ActivityOverviewKey Locations
BeachesTrekking, snorkelling, diving, campingSenggigi Beach, Kuta Beach, Selong Belanak
WaterfallsHiking, swimming, picnickingSendang Gile, Tiu Kelep, Benang Stokel
Cultural SitesGuided tours, cultural ceremonies, craftsPura Lingsar, Sasak Village
Adventure ParksWater slides, pools, elephant feeding, educational toursSasak Waterpark, Lombok Elephant Park
Outdoor AdventuresTrekking, snorkeling, diving, campingMount Rinjani, Gili Islands
Relaxing and WellnessYoga, meditation, spa treatmentsVarious retreats and spas
Educational ExperiencesAnimal feeding, interactive exhibits, historical toursLombok Wildlife Park, Narmada Water Park


Lombok offers a wide range of family-friendly activities that cater to different interests and age groups. From relaxing on beautiful beaches and exploring majestic waterfalls to engaging in cultural experiences and outdoor adventures, there is something for everyone in the family. Lombok’s welcoming environment and diverse activities make it an ideal destination for a memorable family vacation.

FAQs on Family-Friendly Activities in Lombok

What are the best beaches in Lombok for families?

Senggigi Beach, Kuta Beach, and Selong Belanak Beach are excellent family choices, offering calm waters, beautiful scenery, and plenty of activities.

What cultural experiences can families enjoy in Lombok?

Families can visit Pura Lingsar and traditional Sasak villages to learn about Lombok’s cultural heritage, participate in ceremonies, and engage with local crafts.

Is Lombok suitable for outdoor adventures with children?

Absolutely. Families can enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and exploring nature in places like Mount Rinjani and the Gili Islands.

Are there wellness activities suitable for families in Lombok?

Yes, Lombok offers family-friendly yoga and wellness retreats, as well as spas that cater to both adults and children.


Lombok is a wonderful destination for families enjoying relaxation, adventure, and cultural enrichment. Lombok provides a perfect setting for an unforgettable family vacation with its diverse activities and welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re exploring waterfalls, relaxing on the beach, or engaging in cultural experiences, Lombok has something to offer every family member.

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